A career in construction can be challenging, but in the end, it is our pride to stand back and look at a project that we have completed with your own hands successfully.

Our project portfolio displays the range of projects we have developed since our founding year in the early 80’s. Each project we have executed pursues its own objective as an exquisite entity, which reflects our efforts in the innovative use of learning technologies, highly equipped facilities and accurate planning. The standards of projects execution emphasize collaboration, adequacy and high quality of construction.


We are proud to be charged with executing this ambitious project under the highest quality standards in the region as well as tracking on a compressed timeline. With all safety measures and precautions taken into consideration to protect human resources and company equipment, the project is secure enough to predict that there will be little no chance of any rollback.

We are excited in how this project has helped us achieve exposure to new areas of expertise, gain credibility and competitive advantage.

  • Project Worth: 37.3 million USD

  • Site Area: 165, 618 ft squared

  • Built Area: 520,000 ft squared

  • Start Date: 15th March 2015

  • Delivery Date: 30th June 2018



Azizi Developments is a design and customer lead development company which is dedicated to understanding and meeting their clients' aspirations, developing distinctive homes that set the standard in contemporary building design and offering an unparalleled level of customer service.

The corporate headquarters represents the entity at the center or the top of a corporation taking full responsibility for managing all business activities and functions as the top of regional unit, including all activities of the various business units, taking full responsibility for overall profitability and success of this regional unit for the overall success of the corporation.

  • Project Worth: 47.6 million USD

  • Site Area: 520,000 meters squared

  • Capacity: 2,000 employees

  • Type: Office building 2B+G+7+R

  • Location: Nadd Al Sheba First, Dubai, UAE


Azizi Victoria Phase I is located within the first phase of development of Dubai’s new British themed project. As part of the first phase of development of residential buildings, integrated retail units will also be built for the convenience of the area’s residents. When you book your dream home at Azizi Victoria, you will enjoy contemporary living like never before.

At Azizi Victoria Phase one, you will find High Street-style retail options, groceries and convenience stores to fulfill the many needs and wants of residents. To enhance the community feel, buildings will be set on shared podiums, allowing for great community amenities like playgrounds, water features, swimming pools, gymnasiums, BBQ areas, badminton courts, tennis courts, jogging tracks, etc.



A crystal clear residential tower is to be located in Al Thanyah First, Dubai, UAE. Containing 161 of total apartments with total height of 96.25 meters, the tower communicates innovative design and planning, and delivers strong finished product and enhanced value for residents and neighbors.

The driving concept behind the development is to give the freedom of design back to the residents, inviting them to give input into the configuration of units within the building. The building is developed to allow creative flexibility in the design of each resident’s future home. This algorithm is altered every time a new resident enters the community by allowing them to de ne the typology, orientation and location of their future home during the design process.