GMC is a construction company that built a strong reputation for delivering own time quality services. We pride ourselves on being skilled and experienced in all aspects of construction.

We undertake a variety of projects for a wide range of cliental from small private developments to large scale projects that includes industrial such as: gas stations, factories, warehouses, mosques and grain mills. Commercial such as: hospitals and malls.

In addition to, residential construction such as: luxury villas, residential complexes and communities; and this, combined with our extensive knowledge of the market.

Our unique and flexible project management systems ensure that a positive outcome is achieved regardless of size or nature of the project.

We understand and promote the idea of working as a partnership with our clients to ensure their goals are met.

At GMC, we never rest upon our laurels and are passionate and driven to continue the high levels of customer satisfaction we have achieved over the past 34 years.

Our vision is to provide valuable services to clients, build partnerships in the community and deliver on our promises.

Company History

“Gaweesh Contracting” was established in Cairo, Egypt in 1982.

Once GMC headquarters relocated to UAE, our company founder Eng. Helmy Gaweesh took upon a new name and a new scope of work that reflects the new environment.

Since then, we were established since 2014 in Dubai by investors with the preliminary goal of strictly building private residential projects. However, we have expanded under the leadership of Eng. Helmy Gaweesh.

His vision transformed our company into one of the most remarkable and reliable business contractors in the MENA region.

The Founder

Eng. Helmy Gaweesh

Building GMC from the ground-up, Eng. Helmy Gaweesh’s journey has been an exhilarating one. His aim was always to build a team who’s will is to go above and beyond for the sake of achieving their clients’ vision.

His success lies in our ability to sustain growth by visualizing the needs of society as a whole and appreciate the possibilities that the future holds.

Gaweesh is always grateful to our loyal team that hold the most experienced employees who strive each day to provide the best possible services to their clients as we provide the highest professional standards with a board base of skills, experience and knowledge.

We dream of success and work hard to achieve it as a result, we sustain the growth of our clients in order to showcase skills, resources and expertise.

Our skills, resources and expertise are the factors that help us complete any project to the highest level of standards.

Mission, Vision and Values


The GMC family is faithful towards our nation and we are dedicated to continue the architectural legacy set by the MENA Region. We aim to champion this land’s humanitarian outlook and build a future that improves society and environment.


We aim to be recognized as the leading specialized property builder in the MENA region through consistent delivery of only the highest quality projects. We are acknowledged by our noticeable dedication to providing an unparalleled level of support service in the industry.


To ensure the longevity of our company through repeat and referral business, it is important to focus on placing client satisfaction as our number one priority.

Brick by Brick

Building for a greener and more
efficient future

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