Quality Policy

Green Modeling Contracting’s primary vision is to be one of the leading general construction firms in the MENA Region, targeting residential, commercial, infrastructure and industrial projects along with Facility Management.

Customer satisfaction and stakeholder requirements are our first priority based on GMC’s corporate policy.

GMC is committed to continuously

  • Manage and maintain efficient quality objectives.
  • Maintain legal obligations and focus on customer requirements to enhance customer satisfaction. 
  • Ensure that adequate information and necessary resources will be available to achieve the desired objectives and targets. 
  • Follow the concept of continuous improvement and utilize our management resources.
  • Ensure that this policy is understood, implemented and monitored throughout the structured program of audits and reviews with emphasis on continuous improvement.
  • Provide effective training and development for all employees to ensure their efficiency in identifying and managing risks & opportunities associated with the nature of work.
  • Maintain credible and accurate records for non-conformance with corrective actions that can be used for continuous improvement.
  • Communicate and expose the policy to all stakeholders, employees, subcontractors and other parties that may be affiliated with our work. 

This policy is periodically reviewed to ensure the adequacy, efficiency, propriety and effectiveness of the management system to ensure that it remains aligned with GMC’s Mission and Vision.

The Quality Policy will be made available upon request for our customers and interested parties.

Abdelrahman Gaweesh

Managing Director