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We are a full-service contracting company which provides solutions in construction, infrastructure and landscape projects.

Due to our wide and diverse range of expertise, we are able to accurately follow a selected budget plan and timeline in addition to managing and assuring that every detail is being tended too. Our aim is to maintain the highest level of professionalism, integrity, honesty and equity in regards to our relationships with suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and clients.

As policy is the root of success, we shall therefore continuously invest in innovation, technical enhancement and market adaptability. We are dedicated to empowering our workforce and ensuring our professional growth through rewarding careers. We are devoted to our employees’ safety, job security and family welfare.

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Strategy & Implementation

We believe that preparation is the foundation upon which we can build and expand our enterprises. By creating a long-term business plan, we can effectively and accurately detect new market opportunities while determining the technologies necessary to invest-in and adopt industry trends to direct the upcoming steps of our endeavors. We promise only to provide the highest quality, innovatively designed, cost effective residential and commercial projects available. To accomplish this goal, we are committed to creating long-standing excellence through solidifying our relationships with our clients consultants and government by upholding our comprehensive safety and quality standards, as well as rigidly adhering to our clients’ deadlines and budget.

Most business organizations often cite the staff as their greatest asset but have not appropriate mechanisms for managing the knowledge or intellectual capital that is embodied in these staff.

At GMC, we realize the importance of Knowledge Management and formulate strategies to invest in systems that will enable us to manage our corporate knowledge.

This is a relatively new concept for construction organizations, which have a fundamental need to manage knowledge as we move from one project to another, working with different partners and supply chains.
We formulate guidelines to develop IT and knowledge management strategies that enable and improve business performance.

" Our success lies in our ability to assess the present and plan the future."

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